Canny milkshake

A Newcastle-based start-up is looking to muscle in on the flavoured milk category after launching a Geordie-themed range of milkshakes.

Canny - the Geordie phrase for pleasant or nice - was the only 100% naturally flavoured milk on sale in the UK, said founder Liam Watson, who launched the product into wholesalers and convenience stores in October, and has sold more than 18,000 units since then.

The products are made from British milk and are available in chocolate, banana, vanilla and strawberry (rsp: £1.59/330ml), and were devised in an attempt to offer consumers a “clean” milkshake with no artificial ingredients, added Watson, who uses fruit as flavouring, vegetables to provide colour and maize as a thickening agent.

“There was a gap in the market for something like this and nobody else is doing what we’re doing,” he said. “The most commonly used processes are not natural and it’s long been accepted that there’s nothing else available, but I’ve spent a lot of time looking for alternatives.”

Canny contained some 40% of the recommended daily amount of calcium, “along with 11g of all-natural, slow-release protein, rather than the fortified protein found on other drinks on the market, which makes us truly one of a kind on the market today” he claimed.

The brand was now in discussions with Waitrose, Spar, Transport for London, Easyjet and Virgin Trains over a wider distribution of the products in the new year, Watson said. It donates 5% of all profits to Newcastle charity the Life Centre, which provides a range of services including science clubs for children, funding for disease research, and support for a local IVF unit.