Nestle Whip range

Nestlé has extended its Walnut Whip range with walnut-free version called Whip.

Launched this week, the new product is available now in two milk chocolate variants: Delicate Vanilla and Delicious Caramel (rsp: £1/3x27.8g). A dark chocolate Delightful Mint will land on shelf in September (rsp: £1/3x26.6g).

They provided shoppers with the opportunity to try “the chocolate whirls beyond the traditional version topped with a walnut piece” said Nestlé.

The supplier’s brand manager for chocolate classics, Alison Clinton, added the NPD would “offer consumers more choice, enabling them to share their favourite products with their family and friends”.

Walnut Whip – launched in 1910 and one of Nestlé’s oldest brands – will continue to be sold as a single all year round and as a Christmas six-pack.