Yes plant protein

Source: Nestlé

They contain 10g plant protein per 45g bar

Nestlé is expanding its Yes snack bar brand with a duo of plant protein-based snacks.

The bars each contain 10g of plant protein from peas and nuts, and will launch in two flavours: Almond, Peanut & Double Dark Chocolate and Cashew, Blueberry & Dark Chocolate.

Nestlé said the new bars tapped the “emerging trend towards pea protein” and followed the results of its own research demonstrating people were looking for “more innovative” protein sources when shopping for protein bars.

It added plant protein was “a preferred option to help support an active lifestyle”.

Nestlé chose peas and nuts to “really stand out from the many other bars on the market”, said head of the Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Centre in York Louise Barrett.

They will hit Holland & Barrett, WH Smith travel outlets and BP Garages next month (rsp: £1.59/45g).

In line with the rest of the Yes range, the bars are wrapped in recyclable paper packaging from sustainable sources.

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