Nom Noms World Food portfolio 2017

Healthier ready meals startup Nom Noms World Food has overhauled its core range and added a lineup of microwaveable wraps – two years after the brand launched.

Rolling out now, the reformulated low-salt meals comprise six international recipes, with different versions for children and adults. Mini Nom Noms for kids are now one course from the original two, while the options for grown-ups, Mega Nom Noms, still feature a starter and a main dish, and are slightly more spiced (rsps: £2.99/225g-250g; £4.99/370g-400g).

Variants including Chicken Laksa, Veggie Tagine and Keralan Fish Curry are to be joined on 1 April by the brand’s first British recipe. Chicken Roast Dinner will appear in its Mini version as an official Gruffalo-licensed product. As with all the children’s meals, the ‘suitcase-style’ pack will feature games and quizzes on the reserve, with a ‘visa stamp’ that can be collected to claim a free lunchbox.

The new variant will be joined in grocery by a new chilled selection of low-fat wraps in eight flavours including Falafel, Feta & Quinoa, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, and Lamb Tandoori – all in a multiseed tortilla that crisps during heating (rsp: £2.99/170g). The range will be initially available froms Amazon Fresh, while listings with Ocado and one or more airlines are expected.

Nom Noms World Food was founded in 2015 by Lisa Sohanpal with the aim of producing ready meals low in salt and free from added sugar and preservatives – and to encourage children to be “culinary curious”. The brand sponsors a school of 271 children in the Indian city of Mathura, providing meals funded by sales of Nom Noms products.