Organix Mini Space Cheese Bites

The bites are 91% ‘fresh cheddar cheese that’s just dried’

Infant snacking leader Organix has boosted its portfolio with ambient Mini Space Cheese Bites – intended as a “convenient way to eat cheese”.

Comprising 91% “fresh cheddar cheese that’s just dried” and 9% organic potato starch, the bites require no refrigeration. Each portion-controlled 8g bag provides 45 calories (563kcals per 100g) and 20% of a young child’s recommended daily calcium intake (80.8mg).  

The new snack (rsp: £2.49/4x8g) was created in a bid to stop shoppers “leaving the baby aisle to buy dairy snacks from the chiller” said Organix managing director Philipp von Jagow. “So, as the first ambient dairy snack, our Mini Space Cheese Bites are an opportunity to add a new category to the baby aisle.”

It comes after Organix last month unveiled Jammie Monster biscuits with a 100% fruit filling of apple & strawberry and no added sugar (rsp: £2.49/8x8g). Each individually wrapped, dairy-free biscuit contains 34kcals and 1.7g of sugar (431kcals and 21g per 100g).

Both new products will roll out from mid-February, supported by Organix’s £1m ‘Fuel their Wonder’ activity that kicked off in early January.

While Organix is still the number one snack brand in the baby aisle, it saw its value in the mults fall by 3.8% last year to £36.7m as cost-conscious parents turned to the discounters [Nielsen 52 w/e 8 September 2018].