Pascale's Peppers Rosso Maturo

Source: Pasquale’s Peppers

The condiments can be added to pizza, pasta dishes and even scrambled eggs, Pasquale’s Peppers said

Pasquale’s Peppers has made its grocery debut, with the aim of bringing Italian flavour traditions to a British audience.

The new brand offers a three-strong range of chilli-based condiments: two varieties of chilli peppers soaked in oil and one chilli jam.

Rosso Maturo is red Lazzaretto chillies in extra virgin olive oil (rsp: £11/210g). It packed a “heat punch”, said the brand.

Meanwhile, the young green chillies in Verde Giovane (rsp: £11/210g) gave “gentle, aromatic heat” and Scarlatto Dolce jam (rsp: £6/130g), made with chillies and sweet red peppers, went “wonderfully with cheese on bread” the brand added.

All three lines were inspired by the southern Italian dinner table tradition of snipping fresh chillies directly into food.

Handmade in Italy with single-origin ingredients from a family farm, the range would “show new audiences how Italian food can be spicy and fragrant” the brand claimed.

More variants and a digital campaign are planned for later this year.

There was “much, much more to Italian food spicing than what most Brits are used to” said Pasquale’s Peppers founder Serena Mariani, who named the brand after her grandfather.

“A giant pepper grinder or a sad, stale bottle of chilli oil with a few dusty flakes at the bottom is definitely not how southern Italians flavour their food,” she added.