The drink rolls into Sainsbury's from 21 July

Source: Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard has unveiled its first dark non-alcoholic spirit, Celtic Soul.

The drink, “a non-alcoholic blend of carefully distilled dark spirits”, is the brainchild of Craig Hutchison - the founder of Ceder’s, the non-alcoholic spirit brand Pernod Ricard brought to market last year.

It is billed as “a smooth blend of sweet vanilla, spices and oak cask wood flavours, making it aromatic and complex”. Pernod Ricard recommends it is served mixed with ginger ale and garnished with a twist of orange. 

“The whiskey and mixer market has huge global appeal, with 36% of consumers preferring to drink Irish whiskey with a mixer, meaning the scale of the opportunity to convert drinkers to the no and low category is vast,” said Pernod. 

The drink rolls into Sainsbury’s from 21 July in 70cl bottles (rsp: £25).

The low and no category “currently lacks a compelling dark spirits offering and we are excited to partner with Celtic Soul to bring the brand to market”, said Pernod Ricard business development director Ian Peart. 

“The mindset of the drinker has changed and to have a sophisticated drink doesn’t mean it has to contain alcohol,” added Hutchison. “It’s about the ritual, the serve, the taste and the adult price point.”

The brand will also be served at Sainsbury’s upcoming low and no-alcohol pop-up pub The Clean Vic, which the retailer will open on New Oxford Street in London on 24-25 July. 

The pub will see Sainsbury’s showcase a wider range of virtuous drinks. 

Ceder’s, which is touted as an alternative to standard gins, rolled out with three variants (in 50cl rather than 70cl bottles) just over a year ago and passed the £1m sales mark in March, according to Pernod.