Persil cold wash laundry capsules

Source: Unilever

The capsules will land on UK supermarket shelves in 2023

Persil is developing a laundry capsule specifically intended for cold short-cycle washes.

The NPD utilises a “specially designed formula” containing biodegradable active ingredients, “optimised to deliver top cleaning performance in cold and short cycles”.

The innovation – containing 65% plant-derived ingredients – is said to be Persil owner Unilever’s “fastest-dissolving capsule”.

It features a re-engineered membrane that is fully biodegradable and designed to leave no residue on laundry.

The capsules will launch in France later this year, before landing on UK supermarket shelves in 2023.

Their carbon footprint was 16% lower than standard Unilever capsules and could help consumers save up to 60% energy per use, Persil claimed.

They would be packaged in a child-proof cardboard box, which itself was the result of “years of development to lock out moisture better than the current plastic packaging and prevent capsules from sticking to each other”.

This was a “major breakthrough” in Unilever Home Care’s Clean Future strategy, which aims to “fundamentally change the way that some of the world’s best-known cleaning and laundry products are created”, said Persil.

Unilever laundry marketing director Nadine Slyper said the innovation was “a significant step forward for the laundry category”.

It would play “a huge part in ensuring the category continues to evolve, helping shoppers reduce their carbon footprint when doing everyday tasks such as laundry”, Slyper added.