Pickering's Gin 3 Queens Gin for Cunard

Pickering’s Gin has unveiled a collection for luxury liner company Cunard, marking the largest ever export order for the Edinburgh craft distillery.

Three expressions exclusively for, and named after, the Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth ships launched over the weekend to coincide with Saturday’s World Gin Day as well as the Queen Victoria’s first voyage following her £34m refit. The vessel has been fitted with a draft tap serving Queen Victoria gin – the first such mechanism at sea, Pickering’s claimed (see picture below).

Pickering's Gin Queen Victoria Gin draft tap for Cunard

The tie-up with Cunard for an undisclosed figure had been a “lifelong dream” of the distillery’s co-founder Marcus Pickering, whose great uncle George Gibbons was captain of Cunard White Star liners from 1909 to 1944.

“The ability for small companies like ours to work with a globally recognised cruise brand has been a revelation,” said Pickering. “It is proof that it is possible for David to play nicely with Goliath in such uncertain times, and deals like this really help to secure the future of our business.”

A limited quantity from future batches of the 3 Queens Gin lineup will be released for Pickering’s #ginfriends subscribers later in the summer.

The NPD comes a month after Pickering’s added a collection of oak-aged gins matured in malt whisky casks – and after the distiller won space in Asda as part a major overhaul of the retailer’s beers, wines & spirits offer.