Real Handful Airnuts Full Range Landscape copy

Source: Real Handful

Four flavours - Sea Salted, Salt & Black Pepper, Cheese & Onion and Hot Chilli - will roll into Whole Foods Market in March

Real Handful is launching a quartet of “aerated nut snacks”.

Air Nuts will debut in Sea Salted, Salt & Black Pepper, Cheese & Onion and Hot Chilli flavours.

The brand claimed the innovation was a “category first”, created by blending peanuts with rice flour and seasoning before baking and aerating them through a patented process.

Made with 83% peanuts, they were a source of plant protein, high in fibre and weighed in at under 115 calories per 20g serving, it added.

Available as 20g impulse packs and 60g sharing pouches (rsp: £1-£2.69), they will hit shelves in Whole Foods Market at the beginning of March.

The snacks will then roll into Sainsburys later that month, and Ocado in April.

Designed as “a lighter way to snack on nuts”, Air Nuts were “>60% lighter than regular nuts”, claimed Real Handful.

Real Handful founder Joe Taylor said the brand had surveyed over 800 nut-snackers to identify the main barriers to increasing nut consumption.

“Two of the top four barriers were concerns over portion control and calorie consumption when snacking on nuts”, he claimed.

Air Nuts, however, would “help overcome this barrier” by offering “a credible alternative to crisps and regular nut snacks”, Taylor added.

The innovation comes after the brand last year secured a six-figure follow-on funding package to support a host of new listings for its  product range of savoury nuts and trail mixes.