Rowse paper honey sachet

Source: Rowse

The 14g sachet features an ‘innovative snap and fold’ mechanism intended to dispense the honey without mess

Rowse has developed a fully recyclable single-serve honey sachet made of paper for Pret’s porridge pots. 

The 14g sachet features an “innovative snap and fold” mechanism intended to dispense the honey without mess. 

A “slightly perforated” edge runs through the middle of the back of pack, which can be bent and snapped open by the consumer to release the honey.

The innovation will roll into over 450 Pret outlets this month, replacing the old plastic honey pots.

It was developed in response to consumer feedback and had already “proven highly popular with customers given its convenience, ease of use and green sustainability credentials”, said Rowse. 

Rowse has also developed a 22g format, with both sizes now available to foodservice

The innovation was suited to “cafés, restaurants, canteens, delis, hotels, hospitals, food boxes, and a range of other food settings”, said Rowse senior brand manager Samantha MacNamara.

“We also anticipate it becoming a highly popular choice for families, commuters, and anyone on the go as it is ideal for portion control and highly portable,” MacNamara added.

The move comes as several major fmcg brands are exploring paper packaging solutions. Mars, for instance, recently announced that it would wrap Mars bars in paper-based packaging as part of a trial in Tesco