Source: Sentia

The innovation, which tastes ‘like vermouth’, has rolled into Planet Organic, Amazon and Sentia’s webstore

Sentia has launched an alcohol-free spirit which is claimed to mimic the “relaxed and positively social” feelings induced by alcohol. 

Called Black, the NPD is claimed to stimulate an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, called GABA, triggering the “two-drink sweet spot” sensation in the brain.

The innovation, which tastes “like vermouth”, has rolled into Planet Organic, Amazon and Sentia’s webstore (rsp: £29/500ml).

The brand was launched by neuropsychopharmacologist professor David Nutt in 2021, when it debuted a Red variant claimed to be the “world’s first science-backed functional alcohol alternative”. 

According to Nutt, “the development of the botanical GABA blend” was “a game-changer for the industry”.

Red is billed as providing “pleasant relaxation”, while Black is claimed to give users a “buzz”. A third variant – Gold – set to launch later this year, will offer a “lighter”, “summery” drinking experience.

According to Sentia head of liquid development Vanessa Jacoby, functional spirits were “popping up on bar backs and supermarket shelves with more frequency, meaning a decision to reduce our alcohol intake could no longer mean cutting back, but instead be a choice to use plants to reduce stress, focus our minds, boost creativity or support our mental health”.

“The fact that GABA Labs has been able to create a range of spirits which not only offer some of these benefits, but also stimulate the GABA neurotransmitter associated with the good alcohol experience, is incredibly exciting.”

It comes as the likes of Bach 95 and Asahi have added alcohol-free lagers to their ranges to coincide with Dry January. Alcohol-free beer brand Lucky Saint, meanwhile, recently secured a “record-breaking” £10m investment.