A continuing shift away from plastic bottles – and the rising popularity of flavoured and sparkling waters – means products are more commonly launching in alternative packaging such as cans and cartons. Here’s our pick of some recent innovations 

Water in a Box group SIG and Tetra pack range

Source: Vivid Water

Water in a Box

Launch date: November 2021  Manufacturer: Vivid Water

Water in a Box’s November relaunch was a significant development for the category. The brand’s lineup of flavoured and plain pure spring waters now features a cardboard 500ml carton, as well as a clearer messaging about sustainability and British sourcing across the full range (rsp: 79p/330ml & 99p/500ml). Explaining the change, owner Vivid Water touted cardboard’s smaller environmental footprint compared with the previously used plastic and aluminium.

Flawsome_CansRange_-06 (1)

Source: Flawsome

Flawsome Sparkling Strawberry

Launch date: February 2022  Manufacturer: Flawsome

Flawsome co-founder Karina Sudenyte says this blend of sparkling water made with wonky strawberries and apples (rsp: £1.50/330ml) is inspired by a drink her grandmother used to make. Joining Flawsome’s range of sparkling water and apple-based drinks, this canned launch will go on sale on Valentine’s Day.

evian Sparkling

Source: Danone

Evian Sparkling

Launch date: January 2022  Manufacturer: Danone

Evian’s first sparkling water rolled into Tesco last month in a 330ml aluminium can (rsp: 79p) and a one-litre recycled plastic bottle (rsp: £1.60). The drink “represents new possibilities for the brand, as we reimagine our uniquely sourced water” says Evian marketing VP Shweta Harit. It contains “the perfect level of sparkles” she adds.


Source: Dash Water

Dash Water Mango

Launch date: January 2022  Manufacturer: Dash Water

Dash Water is promising an “explosion of the exotic” with its latest zero-calorie seltzer (rsp: £1.29/330ml). Flavoured with misshapen and damaged mangoes, it follows the brand’s other products in using wonky fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Other recent lines include cocktail mixers and hard seltzer.

Jamu wild water

Source: Jamu Wild Water

Jamu Wild Water

Launch date: February 2022  Manufacturer: Jamu Wild Water

Created by the parents of two young children, Jamu Wild Water launches this month with a trio of naturally flavoured sparkling botanical waters for kids. Jamu claims to offer “the UK’s first drink specifically for children that’s not packed full of sugar or topped up with artificial sweeteners”. Available in Raspberry, Elderberry & Mallow, Blood Orange & Echinacea and Lemon, Dandelion & Nettle flavours, the canned drinks launch on the Jamu website this month (rsp: £20/12 x 250ml).

Aqua Libra Blood Orange and Mango

Aqua Libra Blood Orange & Mango

Launch date: February 2022  Manufacturer: Britvic

Britvic has given its Aqua Libra brand a new Blood Orange & Mango flavour this month. The fruit infused sparkling water (rsp: £1/330ml), which is sold in aluminium cans, landed on 10 February and joins Raspberry & Blackcurrant and Cucumber, Mint & Lime in the existing line up.