Source: Aver

Aver’s new duo will be available as of next month via its website

Lifestyle startup Aver has joined the cannabis soft drinks craze with a two-strong lineup promising higher-than-usual CBD.

Boost and Calm are functional variants made with ingredients such as chamomile, ginger, lemon, natural caffeine and ginkgo biloba. They also contain the likes of vitamin C and magnesium.

Each provides 10mg of CBD per 100ml – “a higher amount of CBD content than any other drink currently on the UK market” according to Aver. By comparison, its rival soft drinks brands Drink 420, Trip and The Leaf Life all have 6mg of cannabidiol per 100ml.

Aver’s new duo will be available as of next month via its website, priced at £3.50 per 250ml can or £23 for a seven-pack.

“In an increasingly saturated CBD market, it was important that our new Aver CBD drinks didn’t just add to the noise,” said the London brand’s co-founder George Glaisher. It wanted to offer “the most effective CBD drinks on the market, so we designed our drinks with two principles in mind: more CBD and more targeted function.”

The drinks will join Aver’s range of CBD oils, as well as fmcg’s rapidly growing selection of CBD soft drinks. Early this month, Three Dots made its debut with a CBD sparkling water trio – about a fortnight after the launch by startup In Tune of an adult-focused CBD soda threesome.

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