Bali Mangosteen juice drink

Startup brand Bali is preparing to roll out its first product – a juice drink derived from Southeast Asia’s purple mangosteen fruit.

Launched by Chi coconut water founders Jonathan Newman and Daniel Fensome, Bali aims to meet growing demand for functional beverages. Its debut NPD uses a ‘super fruit’ native to the Indonesian islands and the Malay Archipelago – where it is believed to aid skin rejuvenation and fight oxidants.

Expected to start appearing on shelf from late February in 300ml glass bottles, Bali Mangosteen comprises three ingredients: 55% purple mangosteen juice, water, and pomegranate juice. It provides 6.9g of sugar per 100ml and 163 calories (rsp: £1.99).

Bali director Edward Farley stressed the natural health benefits of the brand’s SKU – which was based on super-premium US products. “Many suppliers are turning to added vitamins and minerals to create a more health-orientated product,” he said. “We’ve harnessed the natural superpower from fruit that has been a staple food in Indonesian diets for centuries.”