Alana Spencer

The winner of BBC’s The Apprentice has revealed plans to launch a line of cakes into retail.

Alana Spencer, who won the 12th series of the show, developed cake brand Ridiculously Rich by Alana in the final episode on Sunday 18 December.

The brand is an extension of her existing business Narnas, which produces six varieties of luxury homemade cakes to cafés, delis and food festivals.

Spencer’s winning business plan involved scaling up operations to sell into food service nationally and to target local and national retailers.

“How do I see the business growing? It’s a three-pronged attack essentially,” said Spencer on the BBC series. “The food festival and events side, which is the side of my business that I know like the back of my hand. Then there are the cafés, delis, anywhere that sells a coffee will also be selling Ridiculously Rich cakes. Finally, I propose the same products to go into retail in individual portions.”

Spencer also insisted she would retain production near her Mid Wales base, a move applauded by Apprentice star Lord Sugar. The new brand is expected to take at least four months to come to market.

For the final, Cumbrian Sausage Company owner Oliver Nohl-Oser returned to TV screens after being fired in week three. Nohl-Oser, dubbed ‘Porkos’ by Lord Sugar, was in charge of Spencer’s packaging and added a Welsh dragon to the front of the cake boxes to display the provenance of the product.

Spencer beat rival Courtney Wood, who made novelty gift items, to secure a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar. In return for the investment, Lord Sugar will receive a 50% share in the business.