Source: The Cheeky Panda

Eco-friendly paper products brand The Cheeky Panda has bulked up its portfolio with a nine-pack of its Natural Colour Bamboo Toilet Tissue.

The new SKU is available now from The Cheeky Panda website at £36 for five – a total of 45 rolls. The single pack (rsp: £7.50) will also be listed by Ocado from next month.

The three-ply Natural Colour Bamboo Toilet Tissue provides 200 sheets per roll, each made from 100% sustainable, FSC-certified bamboo.

It was “probably the softest natural toilet tissue available” and “an ideal bathroom solution to those looking to make conscious purchasing decisions”, said The Cheeky Panda.

For every pack sold, a donation is made to WWF to support its climate and conservation efforts.

The Cheeky Panda was “committed to innovation and quality and are delighted to add our new Natural Colour Bamboo Toilet Tissue to our 100% bamboo toilet tissue range”, said CEO Julie Chen. “Through this launch, we are continuing to tap into the burgeoning household paper category in the UK, which grew over the last 12 months, with particular demand for high-quality solutions.”

The launch follows last month’s Which? report on sustainable loo roll. The consumer watchdog tested products from five brands that claim to use 100% bamboo. Only two brands, The Cheeky Panda and Who Gives A Crap, were found to be made solely of bamboo.

As result, “consumers find themselves bamboozled about what to believe and the eco-conscious choices to make”, wrote Chen in an op-ed piece for The Grocer last week. “We need a resource that self-regenerates, absorbs more carbon, releases more oxygen, uses less land, water and fertiliser, and enriches soil. Bamboo serves as an ideal solution.”