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Source: The Groovy Food Company

The Groovy Food Company has added a duo of spicy agave nectars to its lineup.

They are: Hot and Chipotle. Hot is “sweet and spicy”, while Chipotle is “hot and smokey”.

Both variants are made from the blue weber agave plant and combined with “a hit of chilli and smoke for real depth of flavour”.

They have rolled into Ocado, packaged in 250ml squeezy bottles (rsp: £3.25).

Joining The Groovy Food Co’s existing range of sweet agave nectars, they are intended to be used as a topping for pizzas, salads and traybakes.

The Groovy Food Co founder Rosie Hayward said she wanted “to ensure we are always innovating our products whilst staying ahead of the curve”.

“We can’t wait to hear what the UK makes of these truly delicious and versatile additions to the Groovy range, and see how shoppers get creative with them in the kitchen.”

It follows the launch of Rowse’s savoury honeys – Chilli Fusion and Smokey Fusion – in December 2021, which were launched by the brand in a bid to tap the boom in home cooking and broaden its appeal.