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This Isn’t Chicken Tenders, This Isn’t Pork Sausages and This isn’t Chicken Nuggets hit Sainsbury’s this week

Plant-based brand This is making a major move into supermarket freezers.

The brand has unveiled its first frozen SKUs: This Isn’t Chicken Tenders, This Isn’t Pork Sausages and This isn’t Chicken Nuggets, which hit Sainsbury’s this week (rsp: £2.75-£3).

The new products used “a similar, award-winning combination of ingredients” as This’ chilled products, said the brand, such as soya and pea protein. This created “an unparalleled frozen product, packed with flavour and a meaty texture”. 

The introduction of chicken-style tenders and nuggets to the range aimed “to answer the demand for a wider variety of convenient and high-quality plant-based options”, it said. 

“The overall growth of frozen meat-free has been pretty level the last few years,” said This co-founder Andy Shovel. “But when you look at how gen Z-ers are taking to it and how our brand resonates with them, it felt like a no-brainer to launch our own frozen range. Plant-based products like ours can help provide a long-term boom for frozen food.’’

The new range will roll out in recyclable cardboard packs. Its launch will be backed by a campaign spanning PR, digital advertising, social media and in-store activation.

This isn’t the only brand hoping to grow in frozen: Meatless Farm, for instance, moved into freezers in 2020 with a frozen version of its mince. More recently, Unilever-owned The Vegetarian Butcher launched frozen versions of a host of its chilled products into Sainsbury’s.

It comes as This recently partnered with chicken shops such as Morley’s and Chicken Cottage to advertise its current crowdfunding campaign to “a mainstream, meat-loving audience”.