Tilda rice pots

Source: Tilda

Butter & Sea Salt is claimed to complement rich, savoury dishes

Tilda is targeting single-person households with a range of portion-controlled ready to heat rice pots.

The five-strong range includes Long Grain, Mexican Style and Vegetable, along with two brand new variants: Butter & Sea Salt and Medium Grain.

Butter & Sea Salt contains jasmine rice, the naturally sticky texture of which complements rich, savoury dishes, according to Tilda.

Medium Grain, meanwhile, is firm on the outside and soft on the inside, “making it an excellent choice for salads and oriental dishes”.

Each twin-pack contains two single-serve pots and has an rsp of £1.50 (2x125g).

All five variants are listed by Ocado, while Long Grain, Butter & Sea Salt and Vegetable have hit Tesco shelves.

Long Grain, Butter & Sea Salt and Mexican Style will roll into Sainsbury’s at the end of August.

The rice pots provided “a perfect solution for those looking for a convenient, single-serve option”, said Tilda head of marketing Anna Beheshti.

“Portion control is crucial for consumers looking to manage their dietary intake and reduce food waste,” Beheshti added.

Tilda added two ready to heat rice pouches, Garlic & Herbs and limited-edition Saag Aloo (both rsps: £1.25/250g) last month.

The category-leading rice brand expanded beyond its heartlands in October, launching a range of microwaveable side dishes containing veg and pulses into retail.