Tropicana Essentials 2018 revamp

Tropicana has overhauled its Essentials range to cash in on growing demand for functional juices and claw back almost £23m in lost value sales.

The relaunch this week sees the introduction of four new juices containing the likes of carrot, spinach, orange, apricot, blueberry and passion fruit. The Inner Balance variant “contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and is a source of fibre”, while Vitamin Power is high in vitamins C and E. Vitality was created “to help reduce tiredness and fatigue with vitamin C and magnesium” and Berry Boost would “help protect cells from oxidative stress” said Tropicana.

Each drink is available in a 750ml (rsp: £2.99), while Berry Boost and Vitality also come in a 330ml format (rsp: £1.99). The quartet replaces the previous Essentials options, although the Multivitamins variant from the previous lineup will continue as part of the core Tropicana range.

The new products arrived as the functional juices segment was experiencing year-on-year growth of 21%, according to Tropicana. “Research shows that consumers are reporting increased interest in their health and wellness.”

However, functional juice was “still a confusing place for consumers to shop” said Caroline Wilding, marketing manager for juices at brand owner PepsiCo. “We’re confident that Tropicana Essentials will become a beacon brand to attract shoppers to the fixture and help them better understand what functional juices can offer.”

Tropicana last year saw its value fall by 10.2% – worth £22.8m – to £200.5m. Innocent replaced it as the UK’s number one brand in the juices & smoothies category [Nielsen 52 w/e 9 September 2017].