ROOTS Spicy Bean Wrap

Source: Urban Eats

The rebranded ‘Roots’ range includes a new Spicy Bean wrap (rsp: £3.69)

Urban Eats has rebranded its range of plant-based sandwiches for Veganuary.

Now called ‘Roots’, the range comprises its existing Cheeze & Pickle and Falafel & Houmous sandwiches, and Tomato & Pesto wrap – with the addition of a new Spicy Bean wrap (rsp: £3.69-£3.79).

The range was renamed and given a “striking” redesign with the aim of ensuring customers could identify the products in fridges more easily.

“Our research shows 65% of people in the UK are reducing meat from their diets, but they’re not willing to compromise on taste and quality to do so,” said Urban Eat brand manager Abigail Nelson-Ehoff.

“Roots is designed to resonate with flexible meat-reducers as well as devoted meat-excluders, which in turn offers a bigger commercial opportunity for us and our customers.”

The relaunch will be supported with a marketing campaign including sampling activity, retailer point of sale media and social media activity.

It comes as retailers have led the charge in Veganuary NPD this year, with bumper new ranges from Tesco and Asda.

Asda alone introduced two new dedicated vegan ranges – OMV and Plant Based by Asda – comprising 86 products.