Pink packaging

Women are far more susceptible to packaging gimmicks on products than men, according to an exclusive poll of fmcg packaging specialists.

Three quarters of those surveyed by Easyfairs believed women were most likely to be drawn to products based on their packaging designs, with the most receptive women aged between 20 and 30.

More than half of the specialists also felt that gender targeted packaging was a positive way of attracting customers to a brand.

The results come after an investigation by The Times last week found products marketed toward women are 37% more expensive than average, with premiums on ‘female’ razors one of the examples highlighted.

“The statistics from our survey support this showing that many brands will work hard to attract a specific gender groups, as a way to differentiate their product in what can be a crowded marketplace,” said Gerry Sherwood, event director for Easyfairs’ UK packaging portfolio. “However, problems do come when the packaging plays on stereotypes, as we have just witnessed with the pink and blue razor pricing issue.”

He added, “On the whole most brand managers will work hard to ensure their packaging catches the eye of any shopper, irrespective of their gender.”

The survey also revealed that 88% of specialists are proactively looking at packaging innovation to attract new customers, and current existing ones, with 52% expecting to have higher budgets in 2016 to invest in these changes.