Yeo Valley Left-Yeovers

Yeo Valley has turned what began as an April Fool’s joke into a limited edition yoghurt with the launch of a variant made from ingredient leftovers.

The strawberry and fig-topped yoghurt, dubbed Left-Yeovers, will go on sale in 400 Tesco stores nationwide on 12 October (rsp: £1.50/450g), and includes unused carrot juice, orange juice and figs from the manufacturer’s freezers.

The Left-Yeovers concept was initially dreamt up by a worker at the dairy company for a joke, but was adopted for a limited edition production run in a bid to cut down on food waste, said a Yeo Valley spokeswoman.

“With more than 4.2 million tonnes of food wasted by UK households each year [Wrap], our aim is to show what amazing recipes you can make when you get creative with leftovers,” she added.

Yeo Valley will donate 10p for every pot sold to charity FareShare, which saves good surplus food destined for waste in order to pass on to charities and community projects.