from Atul Amin, Jash, West Bromwich

Sir; I was surprised to read the letter, printed anonymously, headlined ‘Nisa problems have cost me a fortune’ (The Grocer, December 10, p22).

We’ve all experienced some problems with deliveries following the Nisa-Today’s warehouse launch in Scunthorpe. A move of this size was never going to be easy. But I honestly can’t fault the way that Nisa has handled this situation.

All of my Nisa sites (I have six) have worked to the quota we’ve been given. It’s obviously not been ideal, but it’s always been a reasonable figure (it’s never been half) and was always intended to be a means to an end - as was delaying orders by one day. Although the quotas and receiving our deliveries a day late has taken some adjustment, we’ve simply made alterations to our orders and staffing to compensate and being flexible like this has worked well for us.

We now have almost 98% availability on our order quota and Nisa was still making improvements before Christmas.

The staff at Nisa have pulled out all the stops to get the warehouse back on track and for my stores to be back to nearly full availability before Christmas really was wonderful. I visited the warehouse recently and am now completely in awe of the team running it - it really is vast and must be unbelievably complex to operate normally, let alone