Analgesic brand Anadin is getting its first packaging overhaul for five years, together with a £6m TV ad spend. Phased in from the end of this month, the new packs carry the reasons for use on the front instead of the back. All sport a modernised logo, with foil blocking and embossing on the two premium lines ­ Extra and Ultra. "The overall look is still clinical," said Phill Barnett, trade marketing manager of brand owner Wyeth Consumer Healthcare. "But you have to have impact, as self-selection ­ particularly in grocery ­ becomes more important. "The new modern design gives the range a consistent image and makes the fixture less confusing for the consumer." The TV campaign for the 70-year-old brand kicks off with a £1.2m burst three weeks from now. Focusing on Extra, it features a re-run of last year's locker room' and police station' executions, where Anadin-users are found out after lying about headaches. Support also includes regional radio ads and sponsorship of a Honda Accord in the British Touring Car Championship which is shown on ITV. {{P&P }}