Nisa's dog Wolfred

Nisa’s latest ad campaign brings back Wolfred the dog

Nisa is launching a new television advertising campaign on Monday 16 September.

The campaign will run until 20 October and comprise 10 and 30-second ads on Sky, ITV, 4OD and Channel 5.

It will be supported by an interactive social-media game featuring the Nisa dog ‘Wolfred’.

The game requires players to guide Wolfred to collect the correct products from a shopping list. Every three weeks the highest scorer will win a £20 voucher, the second highest a £15 voucher and the third a £10 voucher.

A prize draw will also take place of all the entries on the leader board to win a £10 Nisa voucher.

“The TV advert is helping to build awareness of the Nisa brand and members’ stores based throughout the UK, therefore it is imperative that this is heavily supported by all members,” said Nisa symbol group marketing and communications manager Sarah Martin.

Nisa first introduced Wolfred in December last year in an ad campaign that broke just after Christmas.