No problem for Wensleydale PDO

James L Douglass The Creamery at Hawes

Sir; In your article 'Feta by another name thrives' (Focus on Cheese, 1 December, p36), inaccurate details were given by Shepherds Purse founder Judy Bell in her comments regarding the Protected Designation of Origin application for Yorkshire Wensleydale. The Creamery at Hawes has had its application for PDO status for Yorkshire Wensleydale passed by the UK government. At no stage has any problem been encountered. It is currently being considered by the EU and a result is expected in 2009. The PDO refers to 'Yorkshire Wensleydale.' 'Yorkshire' and 'Wensleydale' were selected together to emphasise the unique connections the cheese has at both a local and regional level. Wensleydale has been made in the local area since the 12th century. It is integral to the history of the area and is also an exclusive product of the Yorkshire farming process. PDO status would demonstrate recognition that British cheeses possess the same level of provenance and variety as continental cheeses. This can only benefit the cheese sector both at home and abroad.