The government has reaffirmed its intention to crack down on suppliers using advertising to “glamorise” alcohol.
Singling out Baileys’ latest TV commercial for criticism, Home Office Minister Hazel Blears, the minister of state, told industry chiefs to raise their standards or face legislation.
Addressing delegates at a meeting of the Parliamentary Beer Group this week, she said: “We must ensure adverts do not glamorise alcohol. Some of the ads I have seen, like the one for Baileys, looked very glamorous to me. The question is, have we pushed the boundaries too far, and do we need to look at the code of practice?”
However, Diageo defended
the Baileys ad, set in a bar and showing mates chasing globules of the cream liqueur. Paul Flanagan, Diageo’s commercial PR manager, said: “The ad was cleared by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre.”
Elaborating on the Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy, the minister ruled out forcing suppliers to put graphic health warnings on packaging.