Noble Foods is claiming an industry first with the launch of a range of chilled hard-boiled eggs aimed at time-conscious consumers.

The British Lion-approved free-range eggs, which have a 12-day shelf life, are being sold under the Fresh & Tasty brand and will go into Sainsbury’s c-stores at £1.99 for four. 

The range targeted shoppers looking for more convenient eggs that could save them time in the kitchen, as well as the on-the-go snack market, Noble said. 

It also filled a gap in the market that had “needed filling for some time”, added marketing manager Rob Newell. In the past manufacturers had previously struggled to keep the eggs fresh. However, new packaging formats and sealing techniques had overcome this problem, he said.

“In offering a boiled egg, we are providing an easy snacking solution that is perfect for packed lunches and inspires the use of eggs in meals without having to allow for preparation time,” said Noble’s group marketing director Finn Cottle.