Nom UK, the recently established arm of the Austrian dairy giant, is to launch its first brand, Nom Naturally, in the UK.

It comes in two formats: Naturally Creamy, a split pot in granola and fruit varieties; and Naturally Good, a multipack yoghurt in smooth and layered varieties.

The brand will arrive in Morrisons on Monday, with c-store listings expected to follow. Naturally Creamy comes in 175g packs of Senga Strawberry, Alphonso Mango & Passionfruit, Morello Cherry and two 150g crunchy granola variants.

Naturally Good's layered yoghurts come in Senga Strawberry and Morello Cherry, and smoother Strawberry, Strawberry & Banana and Raspberry.

"Currently over half of dairy products are imported, so there is a massive opportunity to add value for customers by supplying locally," said Nom UK MD David Potts.