Kimberly-Clark is aiming to shake up the market with a major overhaul of its Andrex toilet tissue brand. The thickness of the toilet rolls will be increased by 18% and prices slashed by 14% to reflect the change. A four-pack will fall from an rsp of £1.97 to £1.69. Sources close to Kimberly-Clark say the company wants to ensure the exercise is seen as an improvement to the thickness, softness and absorbency of the product rather than just a reduction in sheets. Nielsen figures show that Andrex with 23% share of the market outperforms its nearest rival 3:1. The company's objective now is for Andrex to retain the position of being the longest and the lowest priced branded tissue, and take the opportunity to put a squeeze on the competition. Rivalry has been fierce since last July when prices rose 10% in response to rising pulp costs but were then hit by the high:low pricing strategies of the multiples. The number of sheets on a roll will be reduced by 14% from 279 to 241 sheets ­ one more than rival Double Velvet ­ to ensure the thicker roll fits toilet roll holders, but the price per sheet remains the same at 1.79p. It is understood a major marketing initiative in August will reveal a radical change to the packaging, although its Soft, Strong and Long' slogan will remain on any future packaging. {{NEWS }}