I already use Dove soap on my face because it's quite gentle and I find the Silk Body moisturiser excellent as it just melts into my skin and leaves it really soft. I have come to regard Dove as a quality skin care brand, so I was really looking forward to trying out this Dove body wash range. My skin does tend to be a little on the dry side and Dove products contain moisturising cream. As a younger consumer, the packaging wouldn't particularly catch my eye on a supermarket shelf ­ the colours are rather plain and unappealing. Personally, I would go for something brighter and more vibrant. I wouldn't be tempted to buy these products by their appearance alone, but I might pick them off the shelf purely because I associate the Dove name with quality products. I tried Refreshing Hydro first. It had a pleasant smell, lathered easily and left my skin feeling really smooth. However, I didn't agree with the claim that it would make me feel wide awake ­ it takes more than a shower gel to wake me up in the morning! I didn't find the smell of Softening Silk as attractive as the Refreshing Hydro variant and, although I was expecting my skin to feel extra soft because of the name, it felt no softer than it did after using the first product. My least favourite body wash was the Spa Mineral as it didn't really do anything special. I didn't feel I was indulging myself and it didn't smell particularly appealing. However, I really liked the Stimulating Massage, mainly because it contained little granules which exfoliated my skin and left it feeling very smooth and soft. I would definitely put this one on the top of my list, followed by Refreshing Hydro. These are the only two I would consider buying, although at £2.99 I think the range is overpriced. One more point I think worth mentioning is that the containers topple over quite easily because they are tall. This would annoy me if I was rushing to get ready for work. {{P&P }}