We like curry, so obviously we know of Patak's. I have often bought their raita and pickles and my husband has a jar of their hot lime pickle which he likes in sandwiches. I think of Patak's as a brand leader with a reputation for good Indian food. As far as the Patak's Rice packets are concerned, they have distinctive branding which makes them easy to recognise as part of the product family, but it doesn't go over the top. The typeface and shapes conjure up images of curry-related products. Cooking the rice is really easy. We microwaved three out of the four (to save on washing-up of course) and the instructions were very clear. We stir-fried the coconut rice to see if there was any difference, but it was negligible. I much preferred the microwave option, though because you don't even have to stir the rice, you just fluff it out of the packet and on to the plate. The pilau, which we had with chicken and tikka masala sauce, was very tasty, while the garlic and coriander gave a nice flavour to a tuna, spring onion and egg salad. I would definitely buy these two again. The coconut went well with a Thai green curry and was nice for a change. It's not a flavour I would normally buy but I might try it again as a one-off. Basmati was a bit bland, though, and needed a bit more flavour. I probably wouldn't go for this one a second time. Overall, the packets provide a decent-sized portion for two people to share and, at £1.29-£1.49, I think the range is well priced as a quick, easily-prepared meal. After all, a non-rice cook like me has to expect to pay a bit extra for convenience. {{P&P }}