In Japan, Coca-Cola has launched Water Salad in order to meet the increasing demand for low-calorie vitamin-added soft drinks. Enriched with vitamins B6, B12 and C, calcium and fibre, the drink is aimed at on-the-go young professionals and is said to have a pleasant fruity refreshing taste. Also popular among slimmers in the land of the rising sun are vinegar-based drinks which are believed to help fight fatigue and improve blood circulation. Recently, Tamanoi combined black vinegar with fermented milk to produce Tamanoi Kuros Diet. Meanwhile, in Finland, a growing intolerance to lactose has prompted Bioferme Oy to launch milk substitute Yosa Soft Omena Banani ­ a banana and apple flavoured yogurt made from oats instead of cows' milk. On the trail for the ultimate in traceability, Matines of France has launched what it claims are the first eggs produced from sustainable farming methods. The company guarantees that free-range chickens are fed on natural ingredients of French origin. In the US, children are being urged to play with their food with the launch of Dubble Bubble Pud's Favourite. The interactive confectionery product consists of a bubble gum dispenser, which offers three flavours. As the Czech Republic opens its market to western trends, Hanacke Cukrovary has designed Cukr Siesta, which brings more convenience to the sugar market. Cukr Siesta is a box of 5g sachets, and its aesthetic design allows it to be used as a sugar bowl for teatime. Finally, new children's foods continue to be piled onto French shelves. The latest, P'tigarnis from Bigard, consist of minced beef and pork meat with layers of tomato ketchup, cheese or prunes. The latter must be every youngster's dream, surely. {{P&P }}