from Clare Cheney, director general, Provision Trade Federation

Sir; I endorse the British Cheese Board’s actions promoting the role of cheese in the diet ( The Grocer, November 6, p26). I think the same rationale applies to other nutrient-rich, and tasty foods such as yogurt, butter, milk, bacon, ham and other meats.
The education system needs to be improved to teach children to appreciate, understand and prepare nutrient rich and healthy meals from fresh ingredients. This would help them to gain an understanding of foods’ nutritional benefits.
In a letter in the Public Agenda section of The Times on November 9, the writer referred to the snacks he used to “wolf down” at school breaks “just because they were there”. This sums it up. Too many diets seem to be dictated by what is easy rather than what is best.
It does not have to take a long time to put together a good, nutritious meal.
But as long as food preparation remains a mystery, consumers will continue to assume it is just too difficult.