Gousto box

Ocado’s Gousto boxes supply raw ingredients and recipe cards for meals

Ocado has started selling Gousto dinner kits containing raw ingredients and recipe cards for cooking meals from scratch.

Gousto started out last year selling the kits from its own website and delivering to the whole of the UK using a courier service.

Now the company has partnered with Ocado to sell the kits on its website as well. Ocado will initially sell two boxes: one with three meals for two people retailing for £42 and another containing three meals for four people for £67.

“We founded Ocado to make our customers’ lives easier, so being the first supermarket to add the Gousto dinner kits to our range is a natural move. Gousto offers the next step in convenience and managing the family’s meals without compensating on the highest quality and nutrition,” said Ocado’s co-founder Jason Gissing.

The kits contain measured-out ingredients to make it easy for customers to start cooking and avoid waste. The recipes – which include chorizo and bean frittata and rump steak with chimichurri and sweet potato chips – vary with the seasons.

“With Gousto’s goal being to make it easy to cook at home with natural ingredients and Ocado’s focus on quality groceries, we feel that together we can offer our customers an outstanding product and unparalleled customer service,” said Gousto’s co-owner Timo Schmidt.