Waitrose online shopping partner Ocado has "taken the first bite of the cherry" as it expands to London with a model it plans to apply internationally. Joint md Roger Whiteside said: "We are applying proven technologies, and believe our model has cracked internet shopping. By Christmas we will be right across London, and we have already been approached by supermarkets from all over the world who want to sign up with us." Nigel Robertson, the other joint md, said: "We are seeing an average basket of £92." According to Whiteside, Ocado's main challenge is to persuade consumers to change their shopping habits Direct marketing initiatives, including a first shopping list input service, have been introduced. Customers can send in their supermarket receipt and the customer services department will use it as a template for an online list. And the Ocado website already has pictures of 80% of the products it sells, and plans to put pictures of everything on sale to bring customers closer to the supermarket experience. Labelling information will also be made available at the click of a mouse. Robertson said Ocado was better on delivery than its rivals, offering hourly delivery slots, with free delivery over £75. He said: "Customers want a service that works. Many have had bad experiences with current providers." Ocado now covers 520,000 homes in a 13-mile radius from its temporary headquarters in Hemel Hempstead to Stanmore and Harrow on the outskirts of London. {{NEWS }}