A bleak month for Tesco with three more senior management execs suspended amid the profits scandal. As predicted by The Grocer, Morrisons unveiled Match & More, the first-ever loyalty-card-cum-price-guarantee card. Children’s cereal Sugar Puffs diteched ‘sugar’ even from its name in the wake of ongoing health concerns, to become ‘Honey Monster Puffs’.

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Cutesy penguins and tear-jerking wartime truces played out across screens for the annual Christmas ads battle. Not so cute was the latest food scare, pushed by the FSA, on the dangers of raw chicken. It seemed the risks of campylobacter was news to consumers, and the finger of blame was pointed firmly at suppliers and retailers in a naming and shaming exercise.

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A new chapter in Tesco’s ongoing saga but an old story: Dave Lewis revealed Tesco’s fourth profit writedown of the year, admitting profits for the year to February 2015 would not exceed £1.4bn. The departure of execs Chris Bush, John Scouler and Kevin Grace were also confirmed. The Grocer revealed that Asda beat second-place rival Tesco by a tenner in our Christmas 33. Less merry was Premier Foods CEO Gavin Darby admitting ‘mistakes’ in demanding controversial investment fees from suppliers, a story that galvanised national media for days.

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