The latest premium packaged spirit to join this increasingly cluttered sector has most of the right credentials for success. Odyssey, from KWL Wines and Spirits, has been given the thumbs up by the focus groups, has distinctive packaging, potential listings and a £420,000 support budget. A potential drawback, however, is that it does not have the provenance of a spirit brand. But spokesman Neil Suchak said: "This proposition is different and we don't feel the need for big name support. That technique does not guarantee instant success. Odyssey is a blend of sparkling wine, fruit flavours and vodka and will retail at 99p for a 275ml bottle. There are two versions, exotic fruits and fruits of the forest. Listings for Odyssey are due to be confirmed with a major supermarket, a cash and carry and an on-trade chain. Advertising is planned in the London Underground and on buses. There will be posters for retailers and display boards for cash and carries and KWL plans to distribute 90,000 bottles for sampling in the next year. If initial sales go well there are brand extensions waiting in the wings. These include a non alcoholic product and another with the working title Odyssey Gold. {{DRINKS }}