Off-licences and convenience stores are missing opportunities to make more money from beer sales, according to research seen exclusively by The Grocer.
A survey carried out by TNS Global for Deloitte revealed that while 76% of 1,000 adults questioned preferred to go to the supermarket to buy beer as part of a grocery shop, men showed a stronger preference than women for buying it in off-licences.
“It’s no surprise that supermarkets are the big winners. But it does seem like off-licences and c-stores are missing opportunities and there could be some more operating models they could look at for the World Cup this summer,” said Tim Wilson, director in consulting at Deloitte.
The survey pointed out
that while 21% of consumers would prefer to buy beer in the off-licence or convenience channel, only 12% did so.
Wilson noted that off-licences and c-stores had better chilled offers than supermarkets and could drive sales through promoting this aspect, while more promotional online activity could also bring in extra consumers.
“I have been bombarded with online deals for wine recently but I’ve seen no similar deals for beer,” said Wilson.
The lack of online activity is surprising, given that 34% of consumers said that when it came to deals, those on multi-packs had the biggest influence on which beer they bought, despite these being harder to carry. But even more important than price, according to beer consumers, is branding. This was particularly true for men, with 59% saying that the brand would be a more important consideration than price.
Some 78% of women said they could be influenced by promotions, compared with 68% of men, while a quarter of all consumers claimed not to be influenced at all.
Sonya Hook