Bargain Booze has kicked off an in-store campaign to highlight how much cheaper it is to drink wine at home.

Promotional material for the campaign includes an ‘equivalent price per glass’. Pricier wines such as a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label sparkling Rosé for £8.50, which works out as £1.42 for 125ml, as well as £5 bottles at an ‘equivalent price per glass’ of 84p have been included in the campaign.

Bargain Booze has also developed point of sale material to suggest wine and food pairings to customers, such as merlot with curry and pinot grigio with pizza, as part of its Wine Festival, which runs until 2 April.

The campaign would “help consumers to understand the savings associated with drinking ‘in’ rather than going out”, said joint MD Matthew Hughes.

“The idea is to give customers something they can recognise in terms of the quantity they’re getting in the bottle. They may be used to buying a glass of wine in a pub or restaurant.”

Initial feedback from its hundreds of franchisees had been positive, he said, adding that there would be plenty of bottles below £5 included in the campaign.

It is the latest campaign from the off-licence chain. In January, Bargain Booze ran its biggest outdoor campaign to date with the strapline ‘Bargain Booze: it’s what we do’ appearing on 800 billboards in England and Wales near its stores.

It has also made inroads in social media and has gone from zero to 30,000 Facebook likes in just 12 months.