>>A product that’s stood the test of time

Colman’s English Mustard
Unilever UK Foods
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Colman’s English Mustard is hot - and not just in a tongue-tingling way. Since the condiment was first introduced to the British public more than 190 years ago, it has become a firm favourite with consumers and has managed to stay well ahead of its rivals, which have unsuccessfully tried to steal the market leader’s crown.
The original glass jar version accounts for a massive 42% of the total mustard category, with distribution in 78% of all possible outlets [ACNielsen MAT to w/e December 24, 2005].
And annual sales are up from £10.4m to £10.7m in a total mustard market that has experienced a slight decline from £25.9m to £25.8m [ACNielsen MAT to w/e December 24, 2005].
A household stable, Colman’s history dates back to 1814 when Jeremiah Colman first created the mustard at a water mill at Stoke Holy Cross in England. The Colman factory moved to Carrow, Norwich, in 1850 and even today is still well served by the network of local farms in the area. In 1855 the bull’s head logo appeared on the jar and was introduced as the brand’s trademark.
Nowadays, the brand is owned by food giant Unilever UK Foods.
However, despite the mustard’s good fortunes, there is still room for improvement, as only 1.2% of ACNielsen’s consumer panel had tried it [4 w/e December 24, 2005]. But, with 45% of those returning for a second purchase, it appears that once you’ve had a taste, you are likely to come back for more.
Unilever UK Foods has its own ideas of the reasons behind the success of the mustard. “I believe Colman’s English Mustard has retained its popularity for so long because it represents real food and has a distinctive taste that provides a natural complement to food,” said marketing manager Neil Gledhill.