A clever cat prepares his own supper in the first TV advert for new petfood Olli Single Serve.

The 20-second commercial will be screened from Monday for one month on both terrestrial and satellite stations, and will feature Olli the cat getting the product from the cupboard, opening it, eating it and throwing the empty dish into the bin.

The catfood comes in a disposable, single-serve, non-slip dish and is made with natural ingredients but without cereal or soya.

Head of marketing Sarah Thomas said the product had proved a hit with cat owners since its launch in March and that the advert would encourage new users to the brand. "We are confident that a TV ad campaign will further increase brand awareness and sales by reaching our target audience and demonstrating the ease and convenience of Olli Single Serve," she said.

The new advert ties in with a consumer PR campaign and promotional activity for the brand.