>>Breaking into Terry’s chocolate orange… Fighting stains with oxiclean… Different Promises every time… Chilling with Baileys…

Terry’s Chocolate Orange
Budget £2m
Manufacturer Kraft Foods
Terry’s Chocolate Orange is back on air with a new ‘Don’t tap it, Just whack it!’ TV ad starring Dawn French. Focusing on the challenge of getting into the treat, the commercial shows fans around the world trying to break into the chocolate ball.

Budget undisclosed
Manufacturer Acdoco
Running now, a new print advertising campaign for OxiClean is aimed at highlighting the versatility of the range and promotes it as the natural stain fighter for all manner of laundry items and other jobs around the house.

Galaxy Promises
Budget £4m
Manufacturer Masterfoods
Galaxy has turned the spotlight on its recently launched Promises brand in a new TV ad campaign. The 30-second commercials focus on the ‘Different Every Time’ strapline. Each ad has the same opening but with three different endings.

Budget part of a £5m spend
Manufacturer Diageo
Baileys is back on the small screen as part of a £5m Christmas spend for the brand. Set in LA and featuring a new ‘Chilling together with Baileys’ message, the execution forms part of Diageo’s efforts to reposition the liquor.