>>cravendale cows take on a strawberry colour...bisto encourages friends and family to share a meal...fishy business with st ivel advance... Glenfiddich inspires great conversations...

Hint of...
Budget: undisclosed
Manufacturer: Cravendale
Cravendale is celebrating the launch of its Hint Of... milk range with a new TV ad campaign featuring the infamous Cravendale cows, but this time they are strawberry cows - to represent the Hint Of wild strawberry variety.

Budget: undisclosed
Manufacturer: RHM Foodservice
Bisto is encouraging friends and family to spend more time with each other around the dinner table with its ‘Aah! Night’ TV ad. Running now, the gravy brand is trying to encourage people to share a home-cooked meal one night a week.

St Ivel advance
Budget: £1.8m
Manufacturer: Dairy Crest
Running now, TV advertising for Dairy Crest’s Omega-3 milk St Ivel Advance shows a young boy pouring milk from a jug into a bowl of cereal, which instead of the white stuff contains sprat fish. The next shot he is happily eating, the fish replaced by milk.

Budget: £1.1m
Manufacturer: William Grant & Sons
An ad campaign for malt whisky brand Glenfiddich features humourous discourse between friends accompanied by the strapline: ‘Inspiring great conversation since 1887’ - the date it was first distilled.