Everything you could want for a late desk breakfast has been boxed or bagged by Britannia Catering. Working with Kellogg, the company has wholeheartedly embraced the deskfast trend with its Kellogg's To Go concept. A Kell-bowl cereal, a long life milk carton, sugar, a spoon and a napkin make up the standard box, while a deluxe box has pure orange juice and a Nutri-Grain bar extra. The products are also available in a bag which can be tailored to requirements. Cereals can be Corn Flakes, Healthwise Bran Flakes or Special K, while the cereal bar choice includes Nutri-Grain, Nutri-Grain Twists, Rice Krispie Squares or Kellogg's cereal and milk bars. Initially devised as a foodservice concept, this long life, ambient line is raising much interest from several multiples according to the company. Managing director Frank Phillips says: "We developed the product at the end of last year and have been surprised by the retail interest. We have been trialling it since December in a number of multiples." Budgens is selling it on forecourts and at b2 stores. The retail price is around £1.99. In another tie up with Kellogg, a small box containing a yogurt, a muffin, a Nutri-Grain, a cheese biscuit and a Smint has been developed for an airline wanting an in flight day pack. This could also be adapted for retail. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}