One Stop - New Bakery Range

Source: One Stop

One Stop has ramped up its bakery offer, adding 33 lines across sweet and savoury.

In sweet bakery, the convenience retailer has rolled out 16 products across its estate. They include Simply Doughnuts Mini Ring Bites 8s (£1.50), One Stop Cinnamon Buns 2s (£1.80), Tesco Raspberry Sponge (£1.60) and Tesco Chocolate Tray Bake (£7).

Shoppers can also take advantage of a two for £4 offer on a selection of new goods, such as One Stop 15 Chocolate Cornflake Clusters, One Stop 16 Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins, and One Stop 22 Millionaire Bites.

Alongside the main expansion of bakery lines, the retailer is also working with local bakeries to offer regional ranges. There will be a total of 17 new products from Roses the Bakers, Sheffield; Luke Evans Bakery, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire; John Dwyer Bakery, Leicestershire; and Brace’s Bakery, Wales.

The likes of Roses Artisan Sourdough loaf (£2.25), Luke Evans Small Bobby’s Foot loaf (£1.55), Dwyer 4 Jam Donuts (£1.65) and Brace’s Moltid Bloomer (£1.30) are available from selected One Stop stores.

“Working with local businesses to offer our customers a range of baked goods – including freshly baked rolls, sourdough cobs or sweet treats – reinforces our commitment to providing the communities we serve with exactly what they want and need,” said Henry Maulik, head of product at One Stop.

Jonathan Brace, director at Brace’s Bakery, added: “Being able to supply multiple stores across the country with our bread and bakery treats at the convenience of our customers is vitally important to our business. We’re sure One Stop customers will love these new products.”

It follows a major overhaul of One Stop’s fresh food portfolio – which saw the addition last month of 39 branded and own label lines, including Fresh & Naked Wild Rocket, Wall’s Bombay Potato & Spinach Flatbread, and One Stop Buttermilk Chicken Tenders.

That extension followed the introduction in October of 108 fresh products – such as prepped vegetables, high-protein snacks and ready meals – in a bid to bring “healthier and fresher options to shoppers”.