Addison Lee courier image - Pall Mall

Source: Addison Lee

AL Request can be used to pick up goods “from any shop – including fresh food”

Private hire taxi and courier firm Addison Lee has launched an “everyday essentials” deliveries service, AL Request. 

The service gives consumers access to “everyday items, such as groceries” and the chance “get a head start on their Christmas shopping” the company said.

AL Request is available on Addison Lee’s website and app, and can be used to pick up goods “from any shop – including fresh food”. Once items have been bought online for click and collect, users input their unique order receipt number, which the courier uses to pick up the goods on their behalf.

The service – which costs around the same as the company’s standard courier services - has been introduced to help consumers “navigate the second lockdown” the company said.

“With public transport less appealing and the cold weather and dark nights setting in, Addison Lee can provide a safe and reliable option for people who still need to get hold of essential items,” said CEO Liam Griffin.

“Under new lockdown restrictions people will be missing out on shopping experiences. Whether it is a fire pit for the garden or a food and wine hamper, AL Request can pick up direct from the store and deliver to your home,” he added.

The London-focused firm currently makes around two million deliveries across the capital each year, via its 4,500 strong fleet of bicycles, cars, motorbikes and vans.

Although pitched as a service for “everyday essentials” the company warns that orders containing frozen items, perishable goods or goods that require refrigeration for a certain period then a special request prior to booking will need to be made.