Source: Gousto

The boxes contain four jars of fragrance, which must be “actively sniffed” every day

Recipe kit provider Gousto has launched a free ‘Flavour Saviour’ box designed to help Covid sufferers retrain their sense of smell.

The limited-edition boxes contain four jars of fragrance which “help recover a lost sense of smell when sniffed every day”. The scents – rose, lemon, eucalyptus and clove – must be “actively sniffed” every day to help restore the sense of smell.

The boxes also include a pack of ingredients to enhance the training experience and stimulate the five basic tastes perceived by taste buds: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.

According to a survey of 2,000 Covid sufferers by Gousto, 71% said they had lost their senses of smell and taste and 57% said it took the joy out of food for them.

One in five (21%) reported no longer eating their favourite foods, while nearly 17% were left unable to smell their cup of coffee or taste chocolate. Another fifth were still waiting for their sense of taste to return, with nearly a quarter (23%) saying they felt stressed at the prospect of never fully tasting their favourite meal again. Others were left feeling isolated and depressed.

More than 250 boxes were snapped up within hours on the day of launch, with the company now planning to release more on a staggered basis until 3 April.

The boxes were designed with smell-loss charity Abscent.


Source: Gousto

Abscent founder Chrissi Kelly with Gousto brand ambassador Katherine Ryan, who lost her sense of smell as a result of Covid

“The pandemic has brought a new-found awareness and sensitivity to those suffering with smell disorders,” said charity founder Chrissi Kelly.

“So many people tell us they feel frightened or isolated, but they’re not alone: pre-pandemic approximately 3.3 million people in the UK – 5% – were affected by smell loss. Now, over one million additional people in the UK will have suffered with more persistent smell loss due to Covid. 

“By teaming up with Gousto, our hope is that more people will consider smell training to support their recovery, and know that there is support for those who need it,” she added.

The boxes are being promoted by Gousto brand ambassador, comedian Katherine Ryan, who herself suffered from a loss of sense of smell as a result of Covid.

“At first I was in denial about losing my sense of smell – it was only when my husband was cooking at home that I realised I couldn’t smell the garlic or the onions frying. I remember feeling a bit helpless at the time,” she said.

“What I love about Gousto’s Flavour Saviour kits is that they are a great way for me to feel proactive in starting the journey to rediscovering the senses,” Ryan added.